Teen Parent Program

Our Mission

To provide information, resources, parenting education, academic guidance, and emotional support to pregnant and/or parenting teens in order to empower all students to reach their individual potential and become contributing members of a diverse community.

The Round Rock ISD Teen Parent Program is a comprehensive program designed to help pregnant and/or parenting students successfully graduate from high school. It consists of 5 components designed to support students so that they can continue in school.

These components are: Student Support Services, Health Services, Homebound Instruction/CEHI, Parenting Education, and Baby Supplies Closet

A Teen Parent Coordinator is a licensed social worker that will conduct an initial intake and make an assessment of the needs of students that seek assistance from the teen parent program. Students are then referred to appropriate school services and community resources where they can access the resources that they need. The Teen Parent Coordinator meets periodically with students individually, facilitates Teen Parent support groups, and teaches parenting education (within group) on all campuses. Individual and family counseling is available on an as-needed basis and is usually crisis oriented. Students needing on-going individual counseling are referred to agencies in the community. Additionally, the Teen Parent Coordinator monitors student attendance and grades, interfacing with teachers and counselors as necessary. Students remain in the Teen Parent Program and work with the Teen Parent Coordinator from pregnancy through graduation.
Health services are provided by the nurse on each individual campus. Once a student is identified as pregnant, the school nurse is notified so that she is aware of the situation in case of complications while at school. Students are encouraged to access the nurse’s services if they are not feeling well or are in need of health related accommodations.
After a student delivers her baby, she is entitled to 6 weeks of homebound instruction. This can be extended to a maximum of 10 weeks if the student’s doctor identifies health complications for the student or her baby.

Prior to delivery, a student may only access homebound services if she has a medical condition that endangers the health of herself or her unborn child (documentation required from doctor). Otherwise, students are expected and encouraged to attend classes on campus up to their delivery date.

The Teen Parent Program staff can work to make in-school accommodations for the student as she reaches term to make her more comfortable (i.e. elevator keys, rest periods in the nurse’s office, extra time between classes, snacks, etc.).

WHAT TO EXPECT: Once a student begins homebound services, she meets with the homebound teacher 4 hours per week, usually split into 2 hour visits twice a week.

  • The homebound teacher collects assignments from teachers, delivers assignments to the student, and returns completed assignments back to the teachers.
  • The homebound teacher introduces new concepts, assists students with assignments, proctors exams, and more.
  • When the homebound period is over, the homebound teacher helps to coordinate the student’s transition back to school.
The Teen Parent Program provides parenting education through individual meetings, groups, and special events.

Students learn about basic parenting issues, teen parenting issues, pre-natal and post-natal self care, child development, child care issues, bonding and attachment, family relationships, and more!

Additionally, each year the Teen Parent Program hosts the “Teen Parent Seminar” which is an all-day field trip where students attend workshops on parenting issues, independent living skills, college and career information, and community resources.

IN SCHOOL/COMMUNITY: Teen Parents are encouraged to enroll in high school classes which will increase their parenting skills (i.e. Preparation for Parenting, Child Development, Personal Family Development, Food and Nutrition). The Teen Parent program also maintains a lending library where students can check out books on pregnancy and parenting topics.

SPHS and RRHS students can visit their campus library’s “Teen Parent” book section.

Students are always encouraged to attend parenting classes offered in the community. Teen Parent Program staff will publicize known opportunities.

CRAF – Teen Dad Website

The Teen Parent Program has two baby clothes closets set up on each side of the district for students to utilize as needed. The baby closet has gently used clothes, bottles, blankets, and other baby items. We also have some diapers, formula and baby wipes for emergency situations. Please talk to your Teen Parent Coordinator if you would like to access one of the baby closets.
Karen Confer, LCSW-S
Teen Parent Coordinator, Social Worker
RRHS, MHS, WHS, Success HS
Wendy Castillo, LCSW-S
Teen Parent Coordinator, Social Worker
SPHS, CRHS, Success HS
Faye Johnson
CEHI/Homebound Teacher