Counseling Program

The Counseling Services

The Round Rock ISD Counseling Program is systematically designed to be aligned with the ASCA National Model of comprehensive school counseling that is based on the academic, career, personal, and social/emotional needs of all students within the school district. Each school campus has a counseling program that is based on student competencies and specified goals for all students, is coordinated by school counseling teams in coordination with other school, parent or guardian and community representatives, uses data to drive program development and evaluation, is evaluated by a counseling supervisor on specified goals and agreed-upon student competencies, and includes direct and indirect student service components.

All Round Rock ISD school counselors hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and hold a State of Texas School Counseling certification. The school counselor abides by the ethical standards of the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and the ethical standards set by Round Rock ISD. Each counselor works to create a comprehensive counseling program at their campus to meet the needs of their population. Counselors proactively assist in a variety of ways to provide students with the opportunities to learn and prepare for their future success through academic, emotional, personal, and social/emotional growth. ASCA’s role description for school counselors

Our Belief

  • The school counselor treats each student the way the counselor would want his or her own child treated.
  • Round Rock ISD school counselors are equipped with the necessary skills to meet all of the needs of each student, sometimes drawing upon other resources available on the campus or in the community.
  • The school counselor seeks professional development that enhances his or her repertoire of skills to be knowledgeable how to effectively support every student’s social/emotional and academic development to pursue desired career and post-secondary goals.

Our Vision

The vision of the Round Rock ISD Counseling Services Program is to nurture the growth and success of each student in the areas of social/emotional and academic domains to be equipped with the skills and attitudes to be able to resiliently deal with challenges, to find fulfillment in day to day activities, and to be contributing members of the world.Our Vision

Our Goal

The mission of the Round Rock ISD Counseling Services Program is to advocate for each student’s access to an enriching and rigorous education encompassing academic, social, emotional, and career foundations, supporting every student’s meaningful participation as a contributor to society.

Direct student services

Direct student services consist of the personal interactions that counselors have with students in a variety of settings. Through direct student services counselors are able to assist students to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to be successful and productive members of their communities. Direct student services include:

School counseling core curriculum

School counseling core curriculum consists of a planned, written instructional program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative and proactive, and developmental in design. It promotes knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in three areas: academic achievement, career development and personal/social growth. Through the Round Rock ISD Counseling program students gain self and social awareness as they learn to build relationship skills, proper decision making skills and how to manage their own personal needs.The curriculum is based on the standards developed by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). Click for a list of elementary counselor curriculum topics and resources or elementary child safety curriculum and resources.

Individual Student Planning

Individual planning for students in Round Rock ISD consists of ongoing systematic activities to help students establish, plan, monitor and manage personal goals and develop future plans. Counselors provide guidance units, career activities, and test information all focused on helping students explore their educational, career, and personal  and social/emotional goals. Students may receive individual planning on an individual, small group or classroom basis.

Elementary Individual Planning: Elementary education and career awareness activities are the focus in elementary. Career awareness includes introducing students to the world of work, developing an appreciation for all work, obtaining a basic knowledge about clusters of different careers, and identifying their interests related to career clusters.

Middle School Individual Planning: Career investigation is the focus in middle school. Students discover their interests, aptitudes, abilities, and work-related values by investigating jobs and career clusters, the relationship of coursework to occupations, and the development of their plan. Students are able to connect their middle and high school courses with future goals, including post-secondary options and skills needed to be successful in the workplace.

High School Individual Planning: Counselors in high school focus on furthering education and career development. Round Rock students are encouraged to strive for the most rigorous graduation plan. All students are strongly encouraged to consider education and training beyond high school in order to prepare adequately for jobs that will be both interesting and rewarding. The career development program at the high school level provides students with opportunities to fine tune their interests, abilities, work-related values enhance their employability skills, embark on detailed career information searches, and participate in career decision making activities.

Responsive Services

Responsive services consists of activities to meet more immediate needs and concerns of students, including personal or crisis counseling, consultations with parents and teachers, and referrals to appropriate community resources.

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is provided for students whose concerns or problems put the student’s continued educational, career, personal, or social/emotional development at risk. Counselors work in confidential individual counseling sessions to help students identify problems, alternatives, and possible consequences so the student can take appropriate action. Individual counseling is short term in nature.

Individual counseling is goal-directed and time-limited. When necessary, referrals are made to appropriate community resources. Students may self-refer or be referred by another concerned person.

Group Counseling
Group counseling is provided for students who express difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns or normal developmental tasks. The ultimate goal of providing support through group counseling is to enhance students’ academic achievement and personal/social adjustment. Some students request information or help that is best delivered in a group setting or may participate in group experiences for support and skill development.

Indirect Student Services

Indirect student services consist of services that counselors provide on behalf on behalf of students via interactions with others. Through indirect services counselors are able to enhance student achievement and promote student growth through change related to equity and access. Indirect student services include:


While Round Rock ISD school counselors do not provide referrals in the traditional sense, they do provide valuable resources to students and parents. If a family is in need of resources, counselors are able to direct students and parents to school or community resource for additional assistance or information. Resources may include academic support such as tutoring; career support such as college, trade school, and career planning; social/emotional support such as resources for mental health issues including depression and suicidal ideation. Round Rock ISD school counselors are equipped with a wealth of knowledge to support students and families in many aspects and can provide resources for the topics listed above as well as many more. For assistance please contact your child’s school counselor for guidance.


Round Rock ISD school counselors are equipped with a variety of strategies to share that support the academic, career, and social/emotional achievements of all students. Through consultation with parents, teachers, and educators counselors can provide strategies that promote the attainment of student goals. Additionally via consultation with other counselors and academic and mental health professionals counselors garner additional knowledge on student needs and to identify best fit strategies to promote achievement in all aspects of development.


Round Rock ISD school counselors work with other educators, parents and the community to support the achievement of all students and to advocate for equity and access for all students through collaboration. Collaboration occurs in many different manner including but not limited to:

  •  Teaming and Partnering: Via the collaboration with staff, parents, and community organizations counselors are able to support the achievement of all their students and to
  • School/district Committees: School counselors serve on many committees throughout their schools and the district and this provides a platform for counselors to advocate for the needs of their students. This collaboration also provides an avenue to generate resources for students and families and allows counselors to educate individuals and garner support for the school counseling program.