Child Development Centers

Round Rock ISD has two full-time, licensed child development centers (CDCs) for teen parents to use while they are in school. The day care centers are housed at Great Oaks Elementary and Success High School. Students pay no fees for child care services, but are expected to attend and pass their classes in order to be eligible for child care. Students attending Stony Point, Cedar Ridge, or Success High School use the Success HS daycare, and students attending Round Rock, McNeil, or Westwood High School use the Great Oaks daycare. Additionally, Round Rock ISD employees may utilize the child care centers at affordable tuition rates.

For teen parents who need transportation, Round Rock ISD provides bus service to the Child Development Center. The bus picks the students and babies up at the students’ homes and takes them to the center. The student is able to take the baby in, get the baby settled, then get back on the bus to head to school (if not attending Success High School). After school, the bus picks up at each campus, takes the students to the center to pick up their babies, and then takes them home. Bus service is only available for students attending school the full day (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

Please call the Child Care Director at least 2 weeks prior the date you need to start care. She will schedule a time for you to visit the center and register your baby. She will also discuss with you items you will need to bring for your baby. If you need to ride the day care bus, she will coordinate with the bus driver to have your stop added to the route.

We look forward to working with you and your baby!

Sarah Cleveland
Child Development Center Director
Great Oaks Elementary, CDC
Darene Raiford
Child Development Center Director
Success High School