Additional Programs

In addition to supporting the needs of counselors in the district, the Round Rock ISD Counseling Services Department also supports the two full-time licensed Child Development Centers, the S.T.A.R.S. Mentoring Program, and the Teen Parent Program.

Child Development Centers

Round Rock ISD has two full-time, licensed child development centers (CDCs) for teen parents to use while they are in school. The day care centers are housed at Great Oaks Elementary and Success High School. Students pay no fees for child care services, but are expected to attend and pass their classes in order to be eligible for child care. Students attending Stony Point, Cedar Ridge, or Success High School use the Success HS daycare, and students attending Round Rock, McNeil, or Westwood High School use the Great Oaks daycare. Additionally, Round Rock ISD employees may utilize the child care centers at affordable tuition rates.

STARS Mentor Program

S.T.A.R.S. Supporting, Teaching and Reaching Students is a school-based program for students who would benefit from the positive influence a mentor can bring to their life.

Mentoring a child is a way for community members and businesses to volunteer.  When you volunteer as a mentor you not only discover new things about yourself but you provide a friendship to a child who needs and wants the positive influence.

Teen Parent Program

The Round Rock ISD Teen Parent Program is a comprehensive program designed to help pregnant and/or parenting students successfully graduate from high school. It consists of 5 components designed to support students so that they can continue in school.