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Bilingual Education

The Round Rock ISD (RRISD) Bilingual Program is a full time Dual Language (DL) Immersion/Two-Way biliteracy program model. The DL program is required to be offered to native Spanish speakers qualifying as Limited English Proficient (LEP) referred to as English Learners (ELs). All Spanish ELs students will be offered the DL program. English Proficient Learners (EPL) may enter the program during Kindergarten. Class size must remain within the state guidelines and space availability is limited.

The Texas Education Code (§29.051) requires school districts to provide every language minority student with the opportunity to participate in a bilingual or other special language program. Texas Administrative Code Chapter 89, Subchapter BB (§89.1205) specifies that each school district which has an enrollment of 20 or more ELs in any language classification in the same grade level district-wide shall offer a Bilingual education program in elementary grades through 5th grade, including 6th grade when clustered with elementary.

Bilingual Program Goals

  • Provide the educational environment and instruction that will allow all students to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural
  • Develop fluency in communication and literacy in both English and Spanish
  • Increase academic achievement in all areas

In RRISD, the DL program begins in prekindergarten and continues through fifth grade at the twelve designated campuses. Our district offers the 90:10 Spanish Immersion model. In this model, Prekindergarten and Kinder students are instructed in Spanish for 90% and in English for 10% of their instructional day. All students in the program learn to read and write in Spanish first. Every year the student’s English instruction increases and the Spanish instruction decreases until 4th and 5th grade where the instruction is 50% in Spanish and 50% in English.

90:10 Dual Language Model

  • Prekindergarten: 90% Spanish, 10% English 90% 90%
  • Kindergarten: 90% Spanish, 10% English 90% 90%
  • First Grade: 80% Spanish, 20% English 80% 80%
  • Second Grade: 70% Spanish, 30% English 70% 70%
  • Third Grade: 60% Spanish, 40% English 60% 60%
  • Fourth Grade: 50% Spanish, 50% English 50% 50%
  • Fifth Grade: 50% Spanish, 50% English 50% 50%

Bilingual/ESL Programs

RRISD is in the process of phasing out the 50:50 model, and phasing in the 90:10 model. The model will be fully implemented in 2021 – 2022.

English Proficient Learners (EPL)

English Proficient Learners (EPL)

Entry Criteria for English Proficient Learners  (EPL)

  1. The DL program is the bilingual program that is required to be offered to Spanish speakers who qualify as LEP.  Parents of English proficient learners who are interested in the program must attend a Parent Orientation meeting.  Meetings are held at the district and campus level every spring.
  2. Parents who attend the Parent Orientation meeting and would like to pursue enrollment will sign up to have their child screened using an oral language proficiency test.  This test is administered to determine English language proficiency and criteria for entering the DL program. EPLs must score proficient to be eligible for the program. Campuses test in mid July and early August.
  3. All parents will be notified of the test results.  If a student qualifies for the program, the parent will fill out the Dual Language Program Application.
  4. The number of English proficient learners who will participate in the DL program will be based on the number of English learners in each classroom.  The State’s recommendation is a ratio of 50:50 ELs to EPLs. The number of available seats for participating EPLs will be determined by the campus administrators.
  5. In the event that the number of qualifying EPLs exceeds the number of seats available, a public lottery event is recommended.
  6. Siblings are not guaranteed entry into the program and must meet entry criteria.
Dual Language Lottery

Dual Language Lottery for English Proficient Learners

  1. Campus administrators will communicate the need for a lottery, one week or earlier, prior to the lottery event. The communication should include the disclosure of the date, time and location of the event.
  2. The student’s names will be transferred into seats in the same order they are drawn.  Campuses will draw four students to be placed on a waiting list in the same order they are drawn.
  3. Parents of students eligible to be included in the lottery do not need to be present during the lottery process to qualify.
  4. Parents of students on the waitlist and who did not receive a seat in the DL program will be notified by the campus.
Supporting Research

The 90:10 program model is based after the research done by Professors Wayne Thomas and Virginia Collier.  They are internationally known for their research on long-term school effectiveness for linguistically diverse students.  Research

Students from another District’s Bilingual Program

EPLs who have consistently participated in a two-way dual language program in another district may enter at their grade level based on space availability and approval by the campus administrator.


Request to withdraw from DL program

Research indicates that it takes 3-5 years for a person to learn a second language, withdrawals will be considered due to extenuating circumstances that may negatively impact the student.  Parents of EPLs may opt out of the program by signing the Withdrawal from the DL program form.


Acronym List

DL – Dual Language
ESL – English as a Second Language
EPL – English Proficient Learner
EL – English Learner
LEP – Limited English Proficient

Transportation for Dual Language Participants

Transportation services are provided to students who live outside the NET Zone.  A net zone is the area less than two miles from their campus, per school board policy. Transfer students are not eligible for transportation.

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